How we optimise the energy grid

We created a complete hardware and software set that fits the optimisation needs of DSOs.


This user-friendly product connects energy companies with end consumers and enables the former to have a better understanding of the market’s demands.

Predictors as a service:

We analyse real-time data with our tools, thus providing the information needed for better decision making on the energy trading market.

What we bring

Real-time information

A continuous stream of recent and detailed data is an indispensable factor in maintaining an efficient grid. We add tags and metadata to the data stream at a per appliance/system level and we make socio-demographic predictors for precise reports that can subsequently be used to innovate services and smartly manage the network.

Electric cars

The growing number of electric vehicles requires the availability of charging stations, continuous monitoring and the integration of EV consumption into the grid. We’ve been working on these new challenges and aiming for implementing optimum solutions that come to the aid of system operators.


With more and more consumers using renewable energy sources, the importance of tracking the contribution of such systems is growing. This to adapt decisions, avoid overproduction, reduce peaks, and distribute energy to the needed areas, at the appropriate time.

Smart meter integration

The eCoach can be connected to all types of meters, be it analog, digital or smart, with no additional installation costs.

Integration with third party solutions

The information can be integrated for further processing (via RESTful API), clustering and aggregation, and combined with other sources.

Applicability to microgrids

The percentage of consumers generating their own energy is continuously growing. twingz makes it possible to connect these grids and have a constant stream of information in order to avoid inefficient situations.

Our Partners

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