How smart energy solutions can help companies

Damage is hard to predict

Faulty appliances are a major cause of damage and fire. The eCoach set can detect faults in the behaviour of different devices and notify your customers.

Low engagement

Customers interact with insurance companies on an irregular basis. We make sure clients have a positive experience by offering them the insights they need to make their household or office efficient, sustainable and safe.

No insights into the customer’s behaviour

We can provide a deep understanding of clients, individuals or SMEs, thus making it possible for companies to create customised offers for each of your target groups.

Products designed for insurance companies

With our products, companies can create customised offers that fit their clients’ needs of efficiency, sustainability and especially safety.  Here is is what we offer:

Smoke detector*

*Available in combination with e.g. Z-wave based systems such as Samsung smart things or Google nest.

Water / Leakage detector

Dedicated app

Smart home option


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