Our smart solutions for companies


Real estate companies can monitor the performance of buildings in real-time, while ensuring that clients can take advantage of safe, comfortable and efficient space.



With the screedButler, companies can monitor various aspects directly from mobile devices, without spending time on site or needing machine time.


Challenges in the construction and real-estate industry

Frequent checkups

In order to construct and maintain buildings and meet the required efficiency and sustainability standards, frequent on site check-ups are required in all phases of the building process.

Increased work and machine time

The time and work used on daily check-ups can be used more efficiently by placing energy consumption, temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors on site which can additionally generate predictions for the construction process.

Nearly Zero Energy Buildings

With new standards, regulatory institutions are aiming at near zero energy buildings.  These standards have a profound impact on how buildings are built, remodelled and maintained.

Increasing demands from customers

Today’s customers, both individuals and businesses, request buildings that are both safe and comfortable as well as cost efficient over time.


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