How we do it

TSO Prediction as a Service

The real-time data we receive from end consumers is imported into our analysis cockpit. The data is then processed and from there companies receive comprehensive energy reports and predictions.

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Our Contribution to the Energy Grid

Real-time insights

Having the most recent and detailed data available is essential in optimising activity on the grid. We combine this data with tags and metadata at a per appliance/system level as well as socio-demographic predictors for an increased rate of accuracy.

Integration of renewables

With the growing usage of renewables, it is becoming increasingly important to track the contribution of such systems and adapt decisions accordingly. This is to avoid overproduction, reduce peaks and distribute energy to the areas needed at exactly the right time.

Supply/demand coordination

The real-time insights and extensive reports allow you to correlate efficiently the demand of energy coming from users around the grid, with the possibilities of supply, be it traditional or renewable sources.

Integration with other tools

The information can be integrated for further processing (via RESTful API), clustering and aggregation, and combined with other sources.

Cost savings

With real-time data and extensive analysis, companies can plan and optimally monitor energy flow, thereby avoiding re-dispatch costs for grid stabilisation.

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