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The eCoach is the energy tracker that gives companies and consumers accurate and real-time insight into energy usage at an appliance/system level.

Predictors as a Service:

Companies can improve day-ahead and intraday predictions and optimise their decisions on the energy trading market.

Improving predictions with detailed information

Real-time insights

A continuous stream of recent and detailed data allows companies to quickly and precisely react to the demands of their customers.

Customer engagement

The eCoach app offers an extra communication channel for daily access by consumers.

Efficient energy grid

Companies can measure energy usage in real-time at an appliance level per consumer group, for optimised decision making on planning the grid and monitoring trends.

Managing peaks in demand

By using real-time data, utilities can match the changes in energy supply and demand, and redistribute energy efficiently in peak and off-peak times.

Continuous data stream at an appliance level

We identify the energy pattern of the different appliances in households or SMEs and monitor their behaviour over time. If there are any consistent changes, consumers and companies are notified.

Improved predictions

Real-time data is imported and analysed in our prediction cockpit to which utilities obtain access. This helps them make optimised buying and selling decisions on the energy trading market.

Microgrid management

With an increasing number of consumers generating their own energy, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate their input into the grid and into future commercial offers.

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