How we integrate production and consumption data from energy users in real-time

Energy related companies get real-time insights from their consumers, based on anonymised data on both consumption and production. Thus they can readily improve prediction and make optimised decisions on the energy trading market.

For consumers, we created a plug-and-play hardware pack that is connected to the photovoltaic (PV) system and to the consumption meter in the office or household. The eButler then sends coaching messages via the app on identified opportunities to optimise energy efficiency. Additionally, it creates personalised benchmarks and sends reports covering a period of four weeks. Over time it learns the individual energy footprint, thereby enhancing the efficient use of energy.

Product highlights

One system for production and consumption

The eButler system is able to process data coming from both photovoltaic (PV) systems and energy consumption meters. The information is then available to both consumers and companies.

Increased sustainability

The eButler allows for the examination of high consumption devices, providing information on their state in reference to EU energy efficiency guidelines.

Real-time insights

The eButler collects anonymized data in real-time that can be monitored or made available for further analysis.

Appliance control

With the eButler, consumers can follow the performance of large appliances over time and turn them on and off according to their specific needs.

Accurate predictions

Based on our data combined with our data analysis tool, companies can make better intraday and day ahead analysis and prognoses.

Integration with 3rd party solutions

We provide an API that can be integrated with third-party solutions.

Microgrid management

With an increasing number of consumers generating their own energy, it is becoming increasingly important to integrate their input into the grid and into future commercial offers.

A flexible solution

Energy companies

By having a single set of insights on both production and consumption, the producer, distributor or utility company can efficiently manage the grid, reduce peaks in demand and make cost efficient decisions.

Construction companies

In addition to having all the information needed to ensure buildings are performing optimally, companies can increase their degree of sustainability and get closer to their goal of having zero energy buildings.


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