Getting Real-Time Insights at an Appliance Level

We created the eCoach, a plug-and-play device, to aid users in fully understanding their household or office energy consumption.

Energy related companies obtain a clear overview of their clients using continuous anonymised data streams in combination with our analysis tools. These can then be used to improve needs prediction.

For energy consumers, the eCoach can be connected to all types of electricity meters, from mechanical meters through to smart meters. Users can see their consumption at an appliance level, via the Android/iOS app. They can make their homes energy efficient by setting their own budgets and targets and by applying the advice provided.

Product Highlights

Real-time data

Companies can monitor real-time data from anonymized users.

Customer awareness

The eCoach generates deep insights into your consumers’ energy usage routine and allows you to customise your services according to their needs.

Efficient energy use

The appliance level energy usage information enables your consumers to understand where and how they are able to save on their energy bills.

3rd party solutions

Our API can be integrated with third-party products.

Increased engagement

The eCoach app allows companies to easily interact with consumers on a daily basis.

Accurate predictions

Based on our data combined with our data analysis tool, companies can improve intraday and day ahead analyses and prognoses by up to 80%.

Manage peaks in energy demand

With real-time data, companies can quickly respond to changes in energy supply and demand, and efficiently redistribute energy in peak and/or off-peak times.


If changes occur in the energy use of appliances, the eCoach sends notifications to consumers so that they can take immediate action to prevent damage.

A highly flexible product

Energy companies

From energy providers to utility companies, all can use our real-time insights to efficiently manage the grid, reduce peaks in demand, quickly adapt to consumption trends, and make cost efficient decisions on the energy trading market.

Energy company

Insurance companies

Faulty appliances are a major cause of fires. It is therefore important for customers to have a constant overview of device performance and to take appropriate action on the advice given.

insurance company

Real estate companies

With the continuous insights and actionable advice, real estate companies are able to meet the growing standards for constructing energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

Real estate company


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