The twingz effect on energy trade

We analyse energy data to provide reliable information for taking the right decisions and saving costs on the energy trading market. Here is where we make the difference:

  • Open positions

Our predictive analytics tools give optimised options and improve the forecasts on intermitting sources.

  • Flexibility options

twingz offers better flexible options, thereby improving forecasts on flexible consumption, on the decision making process for deals, and/or for adjusting generation.

How we do it

We gather the information with the eCoach, our connected monitoring sensor, thereby providing a real-time energy information stream for the integrated time series management and disaggregation tools. Third party information streams can also be integrated.

eInsight FF

eInsight Fast Forward offers 10 sec data coming from any type of meter. In real-time!

eInsight 2D

This adds metadata and tags at a per appliance/per system level and offers a SaaS day ahead predictor based thereon.

eInsight 3D

It adds socio-demographic and client profile specific predictors based on behavioural analysis. Based on that, it offers a SaaS day ahead predictor.

What we provide

We provide companies with both time series management and analytical features.

Time series management features

While using the predictor tools, companies have access to the following information in multiple grids, units and levels of aggregation:

  • meter data
  • load profiles
  • meteorological data
  • calendar information
  • consumption forecasts
  • price information & conversion factor

Analytical features

The real-time energy information stream is continuously processed by the twingz SaaS platform thus providing:

  • disaggregated information (activity & consumption footprint data on an appliance level)
  • prognosis information (new predictors)
  • socio-demographic information, improving the predictors’ accuracy

It can be integrated into any forecasting & prediction related process for:

  • further processing (via RESTful API)
  • clustering & aggregation
  • combining with other sources

Our Partners

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