Screed without smart solutions

It reverts to:

  • Daily rides to the construction site for the manual ventilation
  • Humidity checks done with the hammer, chisel and chemicals
  • More daily ventilations and humidity checks with no clear finish date
  • No exact planning in advance, as the next tasks will start when the drying process is done

Product highlights

With smart solutions

Easy set-up

One drive to the site for setting up the ventilation and screedButler on the floor.

Low work and machine time

Easy humidity and temperature checks from your mobile device.

Precise forecasts

Exact prognosis for the finish time and the possibility of scheduling the next building steps.

Our smart solutions for companies


Real estate companies can monitor the performance of buildings in real-time from the construction phase through to the maintenance phase. Thereby ensuring that clients can take advantage of safe, comfortable and efficient space.

They can easily install humidity, temperature and acceleration sensors that enable monitoring during the construction phase, reducing the need for extra work and machine time.


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