Every Type of Meter

The eCoach is for everyone! It fits every type of energy meters (analogue, digital or smart), being placed in households or business offices.

Be in Control

Be in control with the real-time insights into your consumption, detect energy drains and save costs.

See results

Get feedback and see the results of your actions in saving energy. The eCoach helps you stop wasting energy and  save money on your energy bill.

How Does It Work


Connect the eCoach hardware set to your meter

The eCoach hardware set is a plug&play device, suitable for every kind of meter (analogue, digital or smart) and can be used both in individual households or in the offices of small and medium enterprises


Download and install the eCoach app

See the performance of your appliances on your smartphone or tablet, with the eCoach app (available for Android and iOS). You will also receive personalized tips, will be able to set up energy and cost saving targets and track how your gadgets are working.


Get real-time energy insights up to an appliance level

After setting up the eCoach you will start receiving in-depth energy insight. See how your different appliances are performing and check your energy consumption in the various tabs of the app.


Start saving money and become energy efficient

Set your own budget and energy targets and check your achievements via the app. You will also receive customized tips on how you accomplish them

The eCoach

Features and insights that make energy saving easy.

  • Easy installation

    The eCoach is a plug&play device that can be easily installed, without needing a professional installation service.

  • Compatibility with every type of meter

    The eCoach can be attached to analogue, digital and smart meters, without having to install any other auxiliary devices.

  • Comprehensive reports

    Via the app you will see how much energy you are consuming on an yearly, monthly, weekly and daily basis. You will also have available a time graph, with the specific consumption for every moment of the day.

  • Budget and saving targets

    You can set up your own objectives in saving energy and costs. Through the app, you can track how much you have accomplished or what are the next steps in achieving your goal.

  • Social sharing

    Involve your family or colleagues in your quest! Your can share the results of the energy drains or your savings accomplishments and they can also help you in making your household or office energy-fit.

  • Integration of renewables

    If you are sustainability savvy or looking for alternative energy sources, you can connect your PV system to the eCoach and get information about its performances.

How To Install

See how the eCoach works.


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