We help households and energy companies get insights in energy consumption

What we do

For Companies

Based on our own data collection and twingz magic analysis engine, energy companies can make 40% better intraday and day ahead analysis and prognosis



Monitor real time data from anonymised users.


We deliver the data to you so it is easy to understand and analyse.


With the data and visuals we provide, you will be able to predict how to buy and sell your energy on the stock market.

How we do this

Meet the ecoach

The eCoach provides the plan, do, check, act principle to households. We track energy consumption and give insights in them.


We help users plan, set tariffs and quarterly targets to save on their energy costs.


We help users by coaching them on how to get their goals achieved and provide them tips & tricks.


The eCoach connects insights with time-graphs and gives actionable advice.


The eCoach works with every kind of meter