Our Products

twingz predictive analytics solutions provide value in the insurance industry, real estate, facility management, SMEs, energy providers & grid operators. Our products are grouped in two tracks: twingz Safety / Damage Prevention and twingz Energy Management.

twingz SAFETY

twingz helps you move from damage regulation to damage prevention!

We detect potential fire and water damage before it occurs. Rather than alerting you in case of emergency (i.e too late), twingz damage prevention services notify you before disaster strikes.

twingz ENERGY

twingz provides near real time forecasts with Disaggregation and Predictor Services!

We provide a fully transparent picture of your energy consumption, monitors individual appliances. All based on only one sensor – the electricity meter.

Makes energy consumption transparent, controllable, predictable and safe.

twingz products and services are available either as SaaS via our RESTful API – ready to plug in to your solutions, or as fully fledged End-2-End services including a customizable communication layer to roll out to your end-user clients and to be connected to your backends and your service partners.

alert & protect fire

Prevent damage due to electrical malfunctions and provide smart alerts and notifications.

alert & protect water

Prevent damage due to water leakage and provide smart alerts and notifications.

appliance detection

Provide a transparent view of all household appliances – fixed and plugged in – with only one meter point.


Predictors based on real time data of appliance level consumption and behavioural patterns.


Track energy consumption on appliance level in real time.


Monitor screed and concrete drying remotely.

How twingz works!

We utilize existing hardware or recommend the appropriate technology of our hardware partners.