How twingz’s Artificial Intelligence reduces the risk of fire in the paper industry

The risk of fire is very high in the paper industry, where the materials are highly flammable and in direct contact with electrical equipment. An innovative fault and residual current monitoring system enables the early identification of potential electrical ignition sources.

Challenge: flammable material and a large source of risk

The paper manufacturing and converting industry has always been exposed to major fire risks. A frequent cause is the malfunctioning of electrical equipment that processes paper. At the same time, there are high concentrations of fire loads, for example when storing waste paper or produced paper rolls.

Solution: Detecting faults before they happen

 As a cooperation partner of Funk, we jointly offer a software solution to a customer from the paper industry. This permanently monitors certain flow variables, in this case, electrical current, and intelligently evaluates the results. The data is collected via a special sensor infrastructure in real-time monitoring: RCM (Residual Current Monitor) sensors measure leakage and residual currents, while PQM (Power Quality Management) systems monitor active energy, voltage, frequency, and jitter. Our? Twingz’?  Predictive Deep Learning Analysis software based on artificial Intelligence continuously evaluates the data on electrical currents.

Benefit: A difficult industry becomes insurable again

In the case described, the system, which was used as part of Funk Beyond Insurance, contributes to innovative, proactive fire protection. This can reduce the particularly critical fire risk typical of the industry.

Occupational safety is also increased. Also, the maintenance process can be improved by early prediction of possible faults and defects. This not only reduces the risk and intensity of unscheduled downtimes but also optimizes the number and duration of planned downtimes (e.g. maintenance and inspections). All in all, the cost-intensive interruptions of operation are reduced. At the same time, the availability of production capacities increases. The decisive factor here is that maintenance intervals can be controlled according to demand and thus an optimum cost.

Suitable for: Warehouses, data centers, and production areas

Companies receive processed data about energy or water consumption as well as risk behavior patterns and defective end devices. In the housing industry, for example, twingz software identifies leaks in water pipes at an early stage. In this way, high consequential damages can be avoided. Likewise, potential short circuits and faulty electrical systems can be identified at an early stage in the production and logistics industry – as in the example mentioned above.

Funk & twingz Webinar

Learn more about Funk Beyond Insurance and our cooperation. Optionally and to deepen the topic, we offer a webinar on innovative solutions for fire protection. We have prepared two dates.

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