twingz is one of Austria’s ClimateTech-Startups

Glacier and the Green Tech Cluster have jointly produced an overview of Austria’s ClimateTech start-ups.

The map is divided into the areas “Food & Agriculture”, “Energy”, “Mobility”, “Manufacturing & Industry”, “Buildings & Infrastructure” and “Circular & More”. Here you will find well-known names like Too Good To Go and Rebel Meat (both in “Food & Agriculture”), Carployee and ummadum (“Mobility”), Refurbed, Das Merch and Meine Wollke (“Manufacturing & Industry”), Helioz (“Buildings & Infrastructure”) Atmos and Glacier itself (“Circular & More”). You can find twingz together with EET in the “Energy” section. There are also new names added, which are less known to the public so far.

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The first version is now online, but of course not yet complete. Therefore, Glacier and the Green Tech Cluster have launched a call for startups to apply to be represented at the Climate Tech Landscape. Register now!

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Der Brutkasten

Replace periodic insulation testing! Increase fire and equipment protection!
Doepke and twingz are cooperating